[PHOTO][KOR+ENG+ESP] 130902 Bom’s twitter update: “My fans are the best!…”



“역시 내 팬들 최고!!오늘!!아니지 이제 어제지!! ㅋㅋ어제 내가 응원하눈거 들었지롱!!!몰랐을줄 알았지?ㅋㅋㅋ대박 울 팬들은ㅠㅠ내가정말..ㅠㅠ열분들땜에 노래하다가도 무대위에서도 웃고 운다ㅜㅜ미텨미텨 내가ㅠ pic.twitter.com/QizP3RbuKp


“My fans are the best! Today!! No wait yesterday!ㅋYesterday I heard you guys cheering!! You didn’t think I would know, right? ㅋOur fans are daebakㅠI really..ㅠBecause of you all I cry and laugh on stage while singingㅜㅜI go crazyㅠ “


“Mis fans son los mejores! Hoy!! No, esperen, ayer! ㅋ Ayer, Los escuché animando!! Ustedes no pensaron que yo lo sabría, ¿Cierto? ㅋ Nuestros fans daebakㅠRealmente..ㅠDebido a todos ustedes, lloro y río en el escenario mientras cantoㅜㅜMe vuelvo locaㅠ”

Source: Bom Park
Eng trans by: kristine
Spanish trans by:  Bommie Argentina FL
Para más noticias de 2NE1 visitar: 2NE1 Argentina FL


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