[PHOTO][KOR+ENG+ESP] 130830 Bom’s twitter update: “Happy birthday one more time~~”



“이제 삼십분 밖에 않남았지만 ㅋㅋ 울 지훈이 짱구메니져~~ 또 마지막으로 생일추카해~~*^^* pic.twitter.com/nJZa5EDoUA


“Even though there’s only 30 minutes ㅋㅋ Our Jihoon Jjangmae manager~~ 

Happy birthday one more time~~”


“A pesar de que hay sólo 30 minutos kk Nuestro representante Jihoon Jjangmae~~ Feliz cumpleaños una vez más~~”

Source: Bom Park
Eng trans by: Bom_Always
Via: welovebom.com
Spanish trans by:  Bommie Argentina FL
Para más noticias de 2NE1 visitar: 2NE1 Argentina FL


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