[130825] Fan-Account: 2NE1′s Mini Fan Meeting ^__^

After 2NE1′s “Do You Love Me” Goodbye Stage at Inkigayo, our girls had a mini fan meeting with Lucky Blackjacks! ^_^

Bom & Dara sent a message via Line that they were choosing clothes to wear for their Mini Fan Meeting. They also chose the clothes that CL and Minzy were going to wear. According to fan accounts, Dara wore an Alice in Wonderland costume, Bom went as a school girl, CL as a nurse and Minzy as Princess Snow White! ^_^

During the fan-meeting, the girls didn’t say when their September comeback will be. They also didn’t divulge the genre of their next digital single. At the fan-meeting, the girls gave away prizes, 13 t-shirts and 4 signed CDs.

At the fan-meeting, Dara also mentioned that she drinks Redbull when she’s sleepy.

2NE1 said the concert will be either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year but definitely within this time range.

At the fan-meet, someone requested 2NE1 to speak in Mandarin, so CL asked Dara to do it. So Dara said, “你爸爸妈妈好吗?你吃饭了吗?” It means “How are your father and mother? Have you eaten?

Bom said she doesn’t like anybody yet and this BJ said “what a relief!”, then Bom made a sad face.


[Wonderland Dara] The fanmeeting was really fun today. Talking to you face to face, it felt different from seeing you on stage. I’m a KyeoungSangDo woman so I’m curt and not good at expressing my feelings but.. You know it right?! Today it was so nice to see you~ Have some snacks that we prepared for you on your way home so that you don’t lack sugar ^.^

After the fan meeting, the girls also gave out snacks to the lucky Blackjacks who were there. They gave out donuts and drinks! The drinks they prepared were what they liked to drink. Dara – Aloe, Bom – Orange juice, Minzy -Soydrink, CL – Pocari sweat.


The message on the bottle says: ”For sure Blackjacks are the best fans!”

The girls also gave out 13 signed shirts which spelled as “DO YOU LOVE ME!” and took a photo with 2NE1! So lucky! Here’s a photo of one of the shirts signed by Bommie and the signed CD!


Thank you so much to @2addicted2ne1 + @DaraDarasuru_21 for the translations!

Photos by: @OMG_SANDAR, @leedael_21 and @2121_Holic

Via: OhDara.com

You can read it in spanish here. Léalo en español aquí. 


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