[OFFICIAL][INFO] “Give us a brief explanation on DOULBE PARK TV”


2NE1’s BOM and DARA are diligently filming DOUBLE PARK TV, which will be revealed online soon.

DOUBLE PAKR TV does not have any set format for regular viewing, it’s sort of “do whatever you want” online program. BOM and DARA are showing great affection for the show, so I personally think the two will be filming it until the end of this month, which is the month 2NE1 will be wrapping up their album activities.

 Like you have seen in 2NE1 TV before, the two members are of greatly unique characters, so they embarked on the DOULBE PAKR TV as they thought a non-formatted and customized show would suit them better than regular TV variety shows.

 As you have already seen in the sneak-peek intro video clip of DOULBE PARK TV, the two idiosyncratic MCs will be delivering you every tiny detail of what’s happening at YG.

 To be continued… Thank you!

Source: yg-life.com


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