[NEWS] 2NE1, Comeback Stage On The Music Trend, A Day Before Release


One of the girl groups with the strongest sound source power, 2NE1 decides to televise the staged performance prior to the release of sound source.

On 7th, 2NE1 will perform a full-scale comeback stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’, a day before the release of their new song ‘Falling In Love‘.

2NE1‘s such strategy of performing a stage before the release is not unprecedented, however, it is unprecedented for a group like 2NE1 who records successful achievements immediately after song releases to make such a decision.

In fact, many in the music industry awaited 2NE1‘s comeback performance. Many thought that 2NE1‘s comeback performance will naturally follow the delay as they announced the delay of sound source release from the first week of July to 8th this month. Many also wondered how 2NE1 will carry on with their comeback stage as the announcement of this year’s first quarter results were to take place in ‘The Music Trend’ that very week.

It seems that 2NE1 is confident in nailing sound source sites with their strong sound source power even if the release comes after their performance through ‘The Music Trend’ on July 7th.

The new song will be 2NE1‘s first song in a year after last year’s trot-style ‘I Love You‘. Introducing a reggae-style music this time, 2NE1 has been preparing for this performance with the help of  a foreign choreographer for a new level of performance. They also plan to show up more actively on screen and stages this time.

However, this song will not mark the end of 2NE1‘s career this year. Their plan is to release one song at a time every month until October. As this was a long time no see for their fans, they have come up with a plan to target music charts once every month and to show up for a longer time period for their fans.

Yang Hyun Suk commented “Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule including world tours, 2NE1, who has continued their music career constantly since their debut, only managed to release one single ‘I Love You’ last year. I always hoped they had been more active in the domestic arena. So, we have come to a conclusion that rather than releasing all songs at a time, which by the way required tireless efforts during the last two years, 2NE1 would continue a constant career in the domestic arena with releasing one song a month along with a music video.”

Source: Naver Star Via: ForeverWithDara


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