[ARTICLE] 2NE1′s Comeback Teaser Starts ”The Hype” Of Their Much Awaited Comeback


On the 2nd of July, YG Entertainment hyped up 2NE1‘s comeback by releasing their group photo on ”YG Entertainment’s official Twitter”, teasing fans ahead of their comeback.

Just recently a teaser picture for their comeback was released with just the captions ”Falling In Love” and the release date, but this time the group picture was released with the ”Falling In Love” caption once again along with their single release and comeback stage which is one day before the actual release of the song!

In the picture, 2NE1 is posing fiercely, with both members CL and Park Bom wearing a dress/skirt showing off their sexy legs while Dara and Minzy wore trousers. The outfits are loved by the public, though there’s not much difference in their appearances except for member Dara who sported blonde locks for this comeback surprising fans.

Their comeback stage will be held on ”SBS Inkigayo” on the 7th of July while their new single is set to be released a day after, 8th July.

Exactly a year ago, 2NE1 made their comeback with ”I Love You” which had a ”trot” genre mixed in it showcasing something fresh and new and for this comeback they’re introducing us to something fresh again as the genre of ”Falling In Love” is ”reggae” this time. For this fresh new concept, they even prepared the choreography with choreographers from overseas which is adding more hype to their comeback.

This time 2NE1 is set to promote actively in Korea, as they’re set to release a new single every month till October and appear more on variety shows as well as music programs.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

Via: WeLoveBom


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