[NEWS] Girl Group Rankings for 2013

[NEWS] Girl Group Rankings for 2013

1st tier: Girls’ Generation, 2NE1;
2nd tier: SISTAR(+1), KARA;
3rd tier: miss A, T-ara(-1), Wonder Girls(-1), f(x)(between 2nd&3rd tier), Brown Eyed Girls;
4th tier: SECRET, Girl’s Day(+1), After School, 4minute;
5th tier: A Pink, Rainbow, Nine Muses(+1), Dal Shabet;
6th tier: SPICA, Hello Venus, Ladies’ Code, AOA

Korean media outlet Sports Chosun has released their ‘2013 Girl Group Ranking‘ after consulting with music industry insiders on who they feel are the hottest girl groups these days.

Back in February of last year, a netizen created a ranking of girl groups and posted it on a community board, attracting much attention from fans. Sports Chosun has decided to follow up by releasing their own version and updating that previously revealed ranking, after having received input from sources in the music industry.

Just like the previous ranking, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 remained at the top tier, which is called the ‘insurmountable 4D wall (on another level)’. Following behind them is SISTAR, who has jumped up one level with their winning streak of hit songs in 2012, and is now on the ‘Korea and Japan’ level, which is where KARA still remains.

T-ara and Wonder Girls moved down to the third level ‘High Class’, joining miss A and Brown Eyed Girls. T-ara was downgraded due to their controversy involving former member Hwayoung‘s leave last year, and Wonder Girls received their downgrade with the focusing on their solo activities followingSun‘s recent marriage. Meanwhile, f(x) kept their position between the second and third tiers.

Girl’s Day who surprised the nation with their sexy comeback also moved up to the level of SECRET, After School, and 4minuteon the 4th tier, ‘Mania Level’. A Pink, Rainbow, Dal Shabet remained at the same level, and were joined by Nine Muses in the 5th tier of ‘rising popularity’. SPICA, Hello Venus, Ladies’ Code, and AOA, as rookies, made the cut off at the 6th and final tier or ‘candidates’.


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