[HD VIDEO] 130101 2NE1(with이하이) 1,2,3,4 + I Love You 2012 MBC 가요대제전

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[HD VIDEO] 121231 Epik High feat. Park Bom – Don’t Hate Me + Up

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[NEWS] 2NE1-Lee Hayi, MBC ‘Gayo Daejeon’ collaboration ‘debut


YG Family’s 2NE1 and Lee Hayi will grace the MBC Gayo Daejeon stage with a collaboration.

According to broadcasting officials on the 26th, they are scheduled to ‘change’ songs on the 31st and perform a joint stage. It is known that 2NE1 will perform Lee Hayi’s debut song ’1,2,3,4′ and Lee Hayi will perform 2NE1′s song ‘I Love You’. In addition, they will be singing a song together which will showcase their harmony.

The mere fact that this stage will have the monster rookie Lee Hayi, who sweeped various music charts with her debut on 23 November and the girl group that receives attention around the world beyond Korea, 2NE1 stand together on stage is already attracting great interest. It will be interesting to note how these two teams with voices of strong character will not lose their ‘colour’ as they perform.

This year’s Gayo Daejeon especially will feature YG’s big stars of the entertainment industry, Lee Hayi, 2NE1, Big Bang and Epik High as they are scheduled to perform. The rare stages of the YG Family that are hard to come by are expected to attract lots of viewers this coming end-of-year.

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2NE1 Aug. 17, and BIGBANG Nov. 8, both at Prudential Center, Newark. This was the year K-pop arrived — not in the form of “Gangnam Style,” which was everywhere and yet completely evanescent — but in these arena shows, which were full of thousands of young, paying fans eager to see the girls of 2NE1 and the boys of BigBang, groups with zero American hits between them, but rabid American followings all the same.


FULL ARTICLE: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/27/arts/music/the-best-concerts-of-2012-as-seen-by-times-critics.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1