[To BLACKJACK from 2NE1]



2NE1 arrived in Taiwan! 2NE1 global tour in Taiwan will be started in few hours. As we promised before, Dara reveals her BLACKJACK shoes as soon as arrived in Taiwan. Dara was wearing this at rehearsal and felt energetic like she could fly with this BLACKJACK shoes!

2NE1 대만도착! 지금 투애니원 글로벌투어 대만 콘서트를 몇시간 앞두고있습니다. 다라양이 여러분께 저번에 말씀 드린 공약대로 대만 도착하자마자 블랙잭 슈즈를 개시했답니다. 리허설 때도 블랙잭 신발을 신으니 날아갈 듯 기분이 좋고 기운이 불끈불끈 솟는다고!

sr: 2NE1 Official Facebook


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